Experience how the ESPRIT World Conference 2015 became a global success

With the ESPRIT World Conference 2015 behind us, we now have a chance to take a quick look at the great activities and people that made this event happen. We can say, without a doubt, that a lot did happen during that week, and all of it was exciting, informative, and unique to DP Technology.

A big thank you to those who came and showed so much support to DP Technology and to those who took classes and participated in any event that was happening. So here’s a quick highlight reel not only for those who attended the event, but for those that missed out on this year’s ESPRIT World Conference.

Listen to Fredi Lajvardi’s captivating story on pushing boundaries

Fredi is the inspiration behind the major motion picture, Spare Parts released in January 2015. And, he joined the ESPRIT World Conference as the Keynote Speaker on June 1, 2015 as he kicked off the week-long event.

Cedric Simard, the Global Marketing and Communications Director for DP Technology commented, “We were thrilled to have Fredi Lajvardi as our Keynote. A science teacher at Carl Hayden High School for nearly 30 years, Fredi’s ability to engage and teach his students about robotics landed them in the national spotlight.

After taking their designs to a national underwater robotics competition in 2004, his team beat out MIT and a number of other major universities, continuing their reign as one of the top three teams in the coming years.”

Breaking Barriers is definitely not always easy, but it is what propels us forward as an industry. To continually thrive in a business environment, it is important to think beyond where you currently are. And, Fredi’s story showed us how to do just that.

Fredi’s story was one full of challenges, team building and inspiration as together the students were able to beat the odds. An inspiring storyteller, Coach Fredi shared his improbable story of the Falcon Robotics Team, the lessons learned and how he was able to embrace the obstacles put in front of him by accepting the challenge and finding a solution. It is these same principles that can be incorporated into the business environment to create a culture of excellence, striving to break the barriers and leading to success.

Check out this segment from his Keynote speech from the ESPRIT World Conference 2015’s Opening Ceremony.

ESPRIT World Conference 2015 Sponsors

The ESPRIT World Conference 2015 was sponsored by three ESPRIT partners, Kennametal, SpaceClaim and ZOLLER.

Each of these sponsors played an integral part in the program throughout the week giving attendees an opportunity to learn more about their Partnerships with ESPRIT during the General Sessions and in individual classes.